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Electronics Suppliers


This page contains a list of online suppliers of electronics that I have used. These are all based in the UK and I have purchased something from all of these at some time in the past and received a good level of service.

Prices vary from store to store as does the range of components being sold. You should make your own choices and judgements about these companies. This list is not to be taken as an endorsement or recommendation.

Don't forget that auction sites and online market places like Ebay and Amazon may also have some of the parts that you are looking for,

Online Shops

In alphabetical order,

Buyer Beware

The micro:bit is a very recent addition to the microcontroller world. Most of the people buying parts from these suppliers will be using other microcontrollers, like Arduino or Raspberry Pi. There are lots of libraries written to make it easy to connect parts to those controllers. The same may not be true for the micro:bit.

Don't forget that the micro:bit is a 3V3 controller. 5V parts might not work properly with it and might damage the micro:bit if used.

The micro:bit has SPI and I2C pins. That doesn't mean that you can connect to every part that uses these protocols. Both protocols can require connections at rates that the micro:bit does not support. Some of the I2C parts have fixed addresses that would make them unusable, some require quicker communication rates than the micro:bit supports.

Always take the time to check before gambling that something is going to work.