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3 Using The Tiles

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We can place tiles over the top of our blue blocks to get a much more interesting looking game. Start by returning to the object windows for the 2 blue blocks. Uncheck the visible box so that they won't be seen in the game.

Open up the room window. Even though the blocks will be invisible in the game, we can see them in our room design. Go to the tab marked tiles. Click on the tile you want to use and then draw it over the top of the blue block just like you do when you draw objects in the room.

When the tiles are exactly the same size as the blocks, you may not be able to see them when you draw them. Click on the magnifying glass on the toolbar for the room and select not to show objects. You can then see your tiles.

You can draw tiles wherever you want in the room but, if you want them to be solid platforms, you will need to draw them over one of the blue blocks. By combining groups of tiles together, you can get a room looking something like the screenshot below,

Game Maker Screenshot

When you have designed the whole room, save and test the game and delight in the beautiful platforms that you can jump around on with the character.

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