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Blue Balls Of Evil is a small maze/puzzle game. In the game, you move a small red square through a maze until you reach a grey square (the exit). Blue balls of evil block your way and bounce up and down, left and right or all over the show as they try to catch you. The aim of the game is to complete as many levels as you can.

Game Maker Screenshot

Game objects

The red square represents the character that the player will move around the game field using the arrow keys. It has a face to make it obvious which item the player controls.

The grey squares indicate the end of the level. When the player reaches this point on the game field, they have completed the level.

Green squares represent the edge of the game field. All of the game action taks place inside the area designated by the green squares.

There will be blue balls with 3 different types of movement. One type of ball will move up and down the screen, another will move from left to right and another will bounce around diagonally. When the player is hit by a blue ball, they have to restart the level from the beginning.


There will be some moody background music, a round of applause for when the player reaches the end of the level. There will also be an annoying 'Uhh' sound whenever the player is hit by one of the blue balls.


The arrow keys will be used to move the character around the screen. Other than key presses to start the game, no other input is required.

Game flow

Once the game has started, it carries on until the player gets bored of playing.


There will be many levels of this game - as many as can be designed in the time available. Each level should be made slightly more difficult than the previous.

Game Resources

You will need to copy the following resources to your user space in order to make this game. Click with the right mouse button on each of the links below and choose to Save Target As.


  • character.bmp - graphic for the character that the player moves
  • enemy.bmp - graphic for the blue ball
  • exit.bmp - grey coloured square to show the end of each level
  • edge.bmp - green coloured square to indicate the edge of the maze


  • applause.wav - sound to play when a level is complete
  • uhh.wav - sound to play when the player is hit by an enemy
  • music.mid - background music for the whole game

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