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Ghost Invaders is an action game. The player moves a small ship from left to right at the bottom of the screen. The aim of the game is to shoot the ghost vaders without being hit by the bombs that they drop. The number of bombs being dropped increases as more ghosts are shot.

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Game Objects

The ship can be moved left and right by the player using the keyboard. Pressing the fire button makes the ship fire a bullet up the screen.

There are waves of ghosts at the top of the screen which move left and right across the screen. The ghosts drop bombs towards the player. Bombs are dropped at random intervals. As more ghosts are hit, more bombs are dropped.

Every so often a UFO appears at the top of the screen and moves from left to right, shooting the UFO gets a big points bonus.

There are barricades between the ship and the ghosts. The ship can be hidden behind the barricades to avoid the bombs. Bullets from the ship and bombs from the ghosts both destroy a section of the barricade when they hit it.


A range of sounds will be used to make the game interesting. Sounds will play when the ship fires or is hit by a bomb. A noise is also played when a ghost or UFO is shot or a barricade is hit. A sound is also heard when a UFO appears on the screen.


Game play is controlled with the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys will be used to move the ship left and right. The CTRL key will be used as a fire button.

Game Flow

The game starts with score at 0 and immediately begins. The game ends when the player runs out of lives (5). When a whole wave of ghosts is defeated, a new set appears.


There are no levels as such. The game is about staying alive as long as possible.

You will need to copy the following resources to your user space in order to make this game. Click with the right mouse button on each of the links below and choose to Save Target As.



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