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Blitz is a basic action game. The player drops bombs from the plane onto the buildings below. The idea is to flatten the buildings to the floor so that the plane can land. If the plane hits the building, a life is lost and the level must be started from scratch.

Game Maker Screenshot

Game objects

The plane moves from left to right at the top of the screen. When it reaches the right hand side of the screen it reappears on the left side, but a little lower down.

By dropping bombs (burgers), the player destroys the buildings. A small explosion takes place when one of the buildings is hit by a bomb.


There are only a few sounds in the game, a background engine noise, a wee explosion for when a bomb hits a target or the plane crashes and a round of applause for when the player completes a level.


The player only has one thing to control - when the bombs are dropped.

Game flow

The plane moves from left to right, getting lower and lower. The player either completes a level or crashes and has to restart.


It will be possible to make different levels by designing a different arrangement of the buildings. Making the plane move faster, start lower or drop more quickly will also allow you to add difficulty to the game as it progresses.

Game Resources



  • boom.wav - explosion noise for when things crash or blow up
  • applause.wav - applause to reward the player who completes a level
  • engine.wav - a background engine noise

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