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2 Your First Level

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Once you have familiarised yourself with the template file and made any necessary adjustments to the character movement, you are ready to start designing the layout of your first level.

Make The Invisible Blocks Visible

Open up the object windows for the obj_block_horizontal and obj_block_vertical and check the box to make them visible.

Game Maker Screenshot

Later on, we will have to make them invisible again by clearing the box in their window.

Adding Blocks

Open up the room that has been designed and start by creating a little platform near the character, just like you see in the screenshot below.

Game Maker Screenshot

Save the file and run the game. You should see the blue platform when the game loads and be able to jump up with the character and land on it.

Desiging A Complete Layout

Now, add blocks around the whole level so that you can move the character around the whole of the game field. You should have something like the screenshot below.

Game Maker Screenshot

Save and test the game so far and make sure that it is possible to reach most of the areas you have drawn.

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