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Breakout is a classic arcade game. Players use a bat to direct the ball towards a number of tiles on the game field. The idea is to remove all of the tiles without allowing the ball to drop through the bottom of the screen.

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Game Objects

The main game objects are the bat, ball and the tiles. The bat can be moved from left to right using the mouse. When the game starts, the ball is stuck to the bat until the mouse button is pressed. By controlling where the ball hits the bat, the player is able to control the direction of the ball's movement.


Sounds aren't really mentioned in this tutorial but there should be some. Normally there would be a sound made when the ball bounces off something and when a life is lost. There would be different sounds depending on what the ball hits. For this game, you will have to look for the sounds yourself.


Play is controlled with the mouse.

Game Flow

The ball moves with the bat until the player clicks a mouse button. Then it bounces all over the screen. The level is over when all of the tiles have been destroyed.


The tutorial focuses on making one basic level. You will need to think about doing 10 or more levels to make a game that someone will enjoy playing.

You will need to copy the following resources to your user space in order to make this game. Click with the right mouse button on each of the links below and choose to Save Target As.


A number of extra graphics are included for you to use when you extend the game that you make.


You will need to decide for yourself which sounds to use in the game and where.

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