Game Maker Software

There are many different tools that can be used to make computer games. These web pages focus entirely on one piece of software, Game Maker.

Game Maker was designed by a Professor in Computer Science, Mark Overmars. It is designed with both making games and teaching/learning game design in mind. This makes it a powerful, open-ended tool.

The Game Maker software is available on the school network (Click on APPSTART, APPS, ...) and can be downloaded from You will also find tutorials, resources and games that you can download from this site. You can create an account to use the forums on the site if you wish.

The unregistered version of Game Maker is £free to use and powerful enough to make all of the games included on this site.

Registering The Software

You can register the software quite cheaply (it cost me £10 using a Paypal account) to register and this unlocks a few extra features and removes the screens that nag you about registering the software. The extra features are not essential and you can make, distribute and even sell any games you make with the unregistered version of the software.