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Asteroids is a classic arcade game. Shoot the asteroids and avoid the debris.

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Game objects

The ship begins in the middle of the screen. The ship can be rotated left and right to aim at the asteroids. The player can thrust or brake the ship to move around the screen.

Bullets can be fired toward the asteroids.

There are 3 different sized asteroids. Largeer asteroids split into smaller ones when they are hit with a bullet.


There are sounds to play when the player revs the engine of the ship, shoots a bullet, when an asteroid or the player is hit.


The player controls the game with the arrow keys and the CTRL button.

Game flow

Game play starts with the ship in the centre of the screen. A life is lost if an asteroid collides with the ship


The number of asteroids on the screen at the start of the level increases as the game progresses.

You will need to copy the following resources to your user space in order to make this game. Click with the right mouse button on each of the links below and choose to Save Target As.



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