Types Of Game


  • Be able to describe the different genres of computer game.

Arcade Games

  • Based on reaction speed of players.
  • Pacman, Tetris, Breakout, Space Invaders.
  • Usually 2D graphics is enough.

Puzzle Games

  • Based on clever thinking and problem-solving.
  • Board games, sliding puzzles, mazes.
  • Sometimes a computer opponent needs to be designed as well.

Role Playing Games (RPG)

  • The player steers a character through a dangerous world.
  • Zelda
  • These games usually have a strong story and the character learns or acquires new skills as the game progresses.

Strategy Games

  • Players set out strategies for the game but have less direct control over game resources.
  • Age of Empires, Caesar, Command & Conquer

Management Games

  • Players build an empire by managing cities, parks, railroads etc.
  • Sometimes called GOD games.
  • SIM City, Theme Park
  • How the player manages the resources is the most important element of these games.

Adventure Games

  • Usually controlled with the mouse. Players point and click to interact with the game world and work out puzzles.
  • Simon The Sorcerer, Monkey Island.
  • The story is the most important part of the game.

First Person Shooters

  • Like 3D versions of arcade games. Fast-paced games based on reaction speed and hand-eye coordination.
  • Doom, Quake

Sport Games

  • Where an existing sport is simulated.
  • A lot of thought goes into making the game play work.


  • Like Flight Simulators, the aim is to give the user the most realistic experience possible.
  • Usually based on how the thing being simulated works in real life.

Racing Games

  • A cross between a Sports game and a Simulator.
  • Some racing games, like, for example, many Formula-1 games, try to model the driving of a car as realistic as possible.
  • Other games are more arcade style and make racing very easy