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Whack-A-Mole is a game you sometimes find in seaside amusement arcades or at a fair. Usually you hold a mallet and hit moles on the head when they poke their heads out of the top of a hole. This is a simple video game version of that. You will only find the most basic outline of how to make this game here as well as some ideas as to how to take the game design forward.

Game Maker Screenshot

Game objects

There are 3 game objects in this basic version of the game. The moles in this game are blue faces, rather badly drawn. The moles appear out of barrels at random intervals and each barrel is drawn in two halves, the front and the back. this gives the impression that the mole is appearing out of the barrel.


Sounds would make this game more appealing but have not been included in this version of the game.


The game is controlled only with the mouse. The player has to click on one the moles when it has popped its head out of the barrel. They get some points for doing so.

Game flow

The flow of this game has not been considered at this point. This will need to be corrected by you if this game is going to be playable by other people.


There is only one level of the game.

You will need to copy the following resources to your user space in order to make this game. Click with the right mouse button on each of the links below and choose to Save Target As.


  • mole.bmp - a big blue face to act as our mole
  • barrel.bmp - a barrel for the mole to poke his head out of
  • barrel_front.bmp - the front bit of the barrel used to hide the mole before the head-popping moment.


No sounds are included here. You are only getting the basic concepts for this game. You will find that the use of sound improves the game greatly.

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