Game Maker 7.0 Tutorials

It is probably best to work through the tutorials roughly in the order in which they are given. Click on the image or the link to navigate to the tutorial.

Catch The Clown
ClickMake a cautious start with Game Maker using one of the official Game Maker tutorials reworked slightly for this site. Learn how to create objects and use events to control interaction in your game. Start here if you are new to Game Maker. More ⇒
Blue Balls Of Evil
ClickLoosely based on the so-called 'hardest game in the world', Blue Balls of Evil is an open-ended puzzle game with many levels. Once you have mastered the instructions, you can make the game as easy or as hard as you like. More ⇒
Ghost Invaders
ClickLearn how to make your objects shoot bullets in this remake of the classic Space Invaders arcade game. Follow the instructions to make the basic game and then redesign the game objects and levels to make your own Space Invaders clone. More ⇒
ClickMake the classic bat-and-ball arcade game. The instructions show you how to make the basic version of the game and give you ideas for new features and levels that will bring this retro game into the 21st century. More ⇒
ClickAsteroids was an absolute classic in the arcades. Make your own version of the classic game using the tutorial. Then add your own twist on the game by adding some of the classic features that haven't been designed and creating a few of your own. More ⇒
ClickA bombing game where the player drops bombs to flatten buildings and allow them to land the plane. Use the game outline as the basis for one of your own games or a part of it. See how to use a small script to make random levels in your game. More ⇒
ClickThe basic outline for the old 'hit the mole on the head' game that you find in amusement arcades and fairs. You can make a simple, working version of the game by following the instructions and then work by yourself to repackage and complete the game. More ⇒
Platform Game
ClickUse a template file to get started quickly. Learn how to use tile sets to improve the look of your game. Make a complete first level before planning a longer, more exciting version of the game. More ⇒
ClickMake your own version of the arcade game you find on the old mobile phones. Requires some scripting in Game Maker Language although the game concept is quite simple. More ⇒
Zombie Dogs From Hell
ClickAn example of a platform game for you to study and refine. Shows how to create some AI in your enemy characters. Only a brief summary of how the game was made is included. This is included here to use as a reference and to show how you can make your objects behave in quite complex ways. More ⇒