2 Designing The Game Room

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We need to take a bit of care when setting the room up. The objects that we have created need to be placed correctly in order to make sure that the mole is hidden and shown at the same time.

Create a new room and set the background colour to black.

Go to the Objects tab and make sure that the Delete Underlying box is not checked. We will need to lay objects over each other and, if this box is checked, you will not be able to do it.

Start off by adding a obj_barrel_back to the room. Add an obj_mole on top of the barrel as shown in the image below - make sure that the mole does not poke out of the sides of the barrel,

Game Maker Screenshot

Finally, add the obj_barrel_front object over the top of both of these two so that the three objects look like there is only one barrel.

Repeat this process several times across the room so that you have something that looks like the screenshot below, where each of the barrels is made up of the 3 objects.

Game Maker Screenshot

We're still setting up here so there is no point running the game at this point. Make sure that your work is saved though.

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