Blue Balls Of Evil
6 Redesigning The Game

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Time To Reflect

Now that you have made this multi-level puzzle game, it's time to think about how the things you have learned can be put into practice. This is a relatively simple game to make but could be made a lot more interesting.

New Game Objects

You should start this game design again from scratch. It needs a new story, a new theme, some new graphics and sounds. You don't need to stick with bouncing balls, you could have moving walls, spikes, oil slicks or anything you can manage to program.

Start & End Screens

This game starts abruptly and goes on forever. You could start messing with some lives (you may need to look at how this is done in one of the other games on the site) and have the game end when the character has lost a certain number of lives. You could have a score for completing a level, say, 50 for completing a level and -10 for losing a life.

A New Story

Make sure that you think of a new way of packaging the game. It needs a new story, a new name and new objects to mess with.

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