Blue Balls Of Evil
1 Creating Sprites & Sounds

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Before starting to make this game, make sure that you have copied all of the sprites and sounds from the previous page.

Do make sure that you have done some Game Maker before trying this. The First Game is as good a place as any for you to start.

Create Sprites

There are 4 sprites needed for this game. Pay attention to the screen shots - the character and enemy ar eboth transparent, the edge and end sprites are not. They should be created as follows,

spr_char - the player's character

Game Maker Screenshot

spr_enemy - the evil blue ball

Game Maker Screenshot

spr_edge - the boundary of the maze

Game Maker Screenshot

spr_end - the bit you have to reach to end the level

Game Maker Screenshot

Create Sounds

We need 3 sounds for the game. They are as follows,

Game Maker Screenshot

Look carefully at the settings for the background music sound. I have turned down the volume slightly on this sound so that it doesn't prevent us from hearing the other sounds that we want to play during the game.

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