3 Setting Up The Room

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This game will need at least 3 rooms. We will need one room to be loaded when the game first starts, another for when a life is lost and one more for when the game is over. You will be able to make additional levels later on.

Start & End Screens

Create a room called, rm_start and add the obj_game_starter object to the room so that it fills the screen.

For the end screen, create a room called rm_game_over and add the obj_game_over object to this room so that it fills the screen.

The Main Game Room

Now to create the room which will contain the main part of the game. Create another room called rm_one.

Go to the background tab in the room window and set the background to the sky image that you added in the first stage.

Game Maker Screenshot

Now design the screen as shown below. Put the plane in the very top left corner of the screen so that it starts from that position in the game. Don't forget to leave a gap at the edges or the player will struggle to hit the first few buildings.

Game Maker Screenshot

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