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OK, so you've copied a lot of code and followed some instructions and somehow made it to this point. The snake game needs quite a lot more work doing if it's going to be playable for any serious amount of time.


Before doing anything else, you should get the basic game play and game end sorted out. Design up some new levels, sort out the scoring, lives and other details that make the game more complete.

The next thing to do would be to adjust things like the room speed and the size of the increase in room speed after the munchie collision.

Don't worry too much about the jerkiness of the game. That is very retro and therefore good.

New Graphics

The game needs some new graphics.

In particular, the snake head needs some eyes, maybe a forked tongue or some other cool stuff like a nose of some sort. You will actually need to draw 4 graphics, one pointing in each of the directions that the snake can face. If you study the rocket ship in the Asteroids game, you can see how you can use the Step event to determine which of a sprite's subimages to display.

Extra Features

You can go a long way when remaking classic games by creating additional features that enhance the game play. This could be something like a time limit on the munchie item so that it moves if you haven't got to it within a period of time say, 20 steps. There could be different items, some worth more points than others. There could be some form of power-up or power-down (lengthen or shorten the snake, slow down or speed up the room).

High score tables are always a nice extra feature for any game.

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