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6 Changing Game Rules

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All of the events and actions that we created are called the Game Rules. Our game has a number of variables. These are values that we can change to make our game play very differently.

Catch The Clown Variables

Clown Starting Position

Currently the game starts with the clown positioned wherever we added it to the room. The starting position could be changed to the centre of the screen or a random position.

The Game Maker Screenshot Jump To Random icon could be added to the clown's Create event to change this.

Clown Speed

The clown starts moving at a speed of 4. This number can be changed to make the game start off faster or slower.

The clown speeds up by 0.5 every time he is clicked. Change this number to make the game easier or harder.


You score 10 points when the clown is clicked. This figure can be changed although that won't make a huge difference to the game. Perhaps there could be ways to lose points. Maybe clicking on one of the wall objects will take 10 points off your score. You could do this by adding a mouse pressed event to the wall object

The Layout Of The Game Field

Try adding some instances of the wall object around the game field area. Start with just a few and see how the game is affected. Depending on what you do, the game becomes easier or harder when you add more walls.

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