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Pocket Cube 2x2x2 & Variations

Pocket CubeBrain PuzzleBraille Ball 
Pocket Cube (2x2x2)*Brain PuzzleBraille Ball 

Rubik's Cube 3x3x3 & Minor Variations

Rubik's CubeBallTruncated CubeCuboctahedron
Rubik's Cube (3x3x3)*Ball (3x3x3)Truncated Cube (3x3x3)Cuboctahedron
BarrelBump Cube3x3x3 Lego ModHalf Truncated Cube
Octagon/BarrelBump Cube/Mirror Blocks3x3x3 Lego ModHalf Truncated Cube

More Challenging Variations Of Rubik's Cube

Rubenking CubePicture CubePochmann CubePillowed Mastermorphix
Rubenking CubePicture CubePochmann CubePillowed Mastermorphix*
Fisher CubeMorph Egg12-Sided SkewbQJ Octahedron II
Fisher CubeMorph Egg12-Sided SkewbQJ Octahedron II
Axel CubeTony Fisher Mastermorphix  
Axel/Axis CubeTony Fisher Mastermorphix  

Extended Cubes

Extended Cube 334Extended Cube 335Extended Cube 344 
Extended Cube (3x3x4)Extended Cube (3x3x5)Extended Cube (3x4x4) 

Void Cubes

Void CubeEdge Only Void Cube  
Void CubeEdges-Only Void Cube  

Fully Functional Cubic Puzzles

Cubic 3x3x5Cubic 3x3x7Cubic 3x3x9 
Cubic 3x3x5*Cubic 3x3x7*Cubic 3x3x9 

NxNxN Cubes (N>3)

Rubik's RevengeProfessor's CubeV-Cube 5V-Cube 6
Rubik's Revenge (4x4x4)*Professor's Cube (5x5x5)*V-Cube 5*V-Cube 6*
V-Cube 7   
V-Cube 7*   

Other Puzzles With 6 Axes

PyramorphixCorner-Turning OctahedornTrajber's Octahedron4x4x4 Octahedron
PyramorphinxCorner-Turning OctahedronTrajber's Octahedron4x4x4 Octahedron
christoph jewelpyrastar  
Christoph's JewelPyrastar  

Puzzles With 4 Axes

PyraminxNew PyraminxTetraminxJing's Pyraminx 
Pyraminx*New PyraminxTetraminxJing's Pyraminx 

Puzzles With 8 Axes

Rainbow CubeSkewbSkewb DiamondSkewb Ultimate
Rainbow CubeSkewb*Skewb DiamondSkewb Ultimate
PolymorphixFace-turning OctahedronRex CubeFisher Egg
PolymorphixFace-Turning OctahedronRex CubeTony Fisher Golden Egg
Dino Cube   

Puzzles With 12 Axes

Alexander's StarMegaminxPyraminx Crystal 
Alexander's StarMegaminx*Pyraminx Crystal 

Bandaged Puzzles

Bandaged Cube (Meffert's)Bandaged Cube (L-Block)Bandaged Cube (Fused)Bandaged Cube (One Face)
Bandaged Cube
Bandaged Cube
Bandaged Cube
Bandaged Cube
(One Face)*
Square 1Bandaged 2x2x2  
Square 1*Bandaged 2x2x2  

Dihedral Puzzles

Slim TowerFloppy CubeDominoFully Functional 3x3x4
Slim Tower (2x2x3)*Floppy Cube (3x3x1)Domino (3x3x2)*Fully Functional 3x3x4*
Puck Puzzle2x2x1 CubeCheese PuzzleFully Functional 3x3x6
Puck Puzzle*2x2x1 Cube2-Layer Cheese*Fully Functional 3x3x6
Rubik's 2x2x4   
Rubik's 2x2x4   

Other Puzzles

Crazy DominoLabyrinthFused CubesSiamese Cubes
Crazy 2x3x3Labyrinth PuzzleFused CubesSiamese Cubes
Whip-ItColour TowerRubik's 360Delta Ball
Whip-ItColour TowerRubik's 360Rubik's Brain Racker / Delta Ball
BackspinHelicopter CubeBrain twistHungarian Rings
BackspinHelicopter Cube*Brain TwistHungarian Rings
StarminxGear Cube  
StarminxGear Cube