Twisting Puzzles
Bandaged Cube (Fused)

Bandaged Cube - Fused

Bandaging a cube means sticking together some of the cubies. This creates some interesting sticker patterns and, because the number of faces that you can turn is restricted, the cube is quite tricky to solve.

This is another home-made bandaged cube, made by gluing some of the pieces together and cutting out the larger stickers from sheets of vinyl. The bandaging means that, howver you hold the cube, there are only 3 faces which you can turn. Slice moves are not possible because of the bandaged centres on each slice. As a result, a corners-first approach is not an efficient way to solve this puzzle.

The bandaged block is where a second cube would be attached when making fused 3x3x3 cubes, a variation on the siamese cubes. This means that any solution to this puzzle should be usable on each of the 2 cubes of a fused cube. This is where the name for this bandaged cube originates.