Twisting Puzzles
3x3x3 Lego Mod

lego rubik's cube mod

This puzzle is just a cube where a 2x2 lego plate has been stuck to the face of each cubie. The cube was a 50mm Type C cube from Cube4You, the lego plates were ordered from the lego shop online.

The lego plates are about 1mm apart or less when the cube is not held and touch when you push opposite faces of the cube together. A different colour was used for each face (shortage of orange pieces so black was used). The cube solves like a normal cube. The edges of the lego could really have done with being sanded down before gluing to avoid them catching on each other.

The idea of this mod is not to leave you with lego imprints on your fingers. When you clamp a 4x2 lego plate on top of the lego plates, you get a bandaged cube. With a range of slightly larger pieces, different bandaged cubes become possible (see Puzzles page and look at the bandaged cubes). In fact, all bandaging patterns for the 3x3x3 become possible. Bandaging can also be used to simulate other cuboids like the domino or floppy cube. One set of your pieces will be larger than the other, but the principle is the same.