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Puck Puzzle

Puck Puzzle

There are quite a few variations of the puck puzzle on the market. Most of them are based on the same idea - 12 slices of pie arranged in a circle. There is a single cutting plane which allows you to turn over half of the puzzle at a time. The centre section can be rotated to allow you to turn over the 6 pieces that you want to.

The name of the puzzle comes from its similarity in shape to a hockey puck. The patent for the puzzle dates back to 1991 and this puzzle has been around for a while.

The puzzle isn't too hard to solve - the first 6 pieces can be placed quite easily - then you'll need to think about an algorithm for swapping adjacent pieces to finish the puzzle.

I picked up the puck that you see in the photo from an ebay auction. You can find them around online if you look carefully enough. They don't look too much like other twisty puzzles, so you might not find them from the usual sources. There are a few international suppliers who sell only these things - but they aren't particularly common or, it seems, particularly sought after by the public.