Visual Basic 2005 Guide
Programming Challenges


Having finished all of the projects above, you need a new challenge to work on by yourself. Try out some of the project ideas listed on this page. You will obviously get stuck from time to time - that's what the MSDN and the WWW are for.

Project Ideas

  • Hangman Program - with graphics and a lovely user-interace.
  • Drag & Drop Quiz - with lovely graphics
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - with all of the irritating features of the TV show
  • Deal or No Deal - all you need to work out is how the banker makes offers (you could just use the median).
  • Solitaire - some types of solitaire are easier than others
  • Scientific/Graphical Calculator - some of you mathmo types might want to show off a bit here, needs features that aren't in other examples of the type
  • Media Player/Music Database - a database or XML project
  • Binary/Hexadecimal Converter - some number base action
  • Sudoku Helper - Do a search online for Simple Sudoku to get some ideas
  • Graphics Editing Tool - a program that allows you to view an image file on screen and change all pixels of a particular colour to another specified by the user
  • One-Armed Bandit - make a slot machine simulator with lovely animation and virtual prizes
  • Desktop Wallpaper Changer - make a tool that changes the wallpaper on startup. Create tools to allow the user to add and remove images from the selection list
  • Yahtzee - make a computer version of the classic dice game
  • Countdown Numbers Game - the key to solving this one is the user interface for entering the solution