Computer Science
Structured Query Language

SQL is an example of a declarative language. Statements in SQL describe what we want but leave the software to deal with the rest of the process. SQL contains statements that make it suitable as a

Data Definition Language (DDL) - allowing a database designer to create the database, design tables, set access privileges for users etc. SQL is also a Data Manipulation Language (DML) - we can use it to retrieve, update, insert and delete data.

The AQA specification requires the following,

  • Use DDL statements to define a database
  • Use SQL to retrieve, insert, update and delete data across a database of several tables

You should work through the exercises in the SQL Section section of this site. PHPMyAdmin always gives you the SQL for any operation you carry out using its visual tools. Have a look at INSERT queries too. Try adding single records as well as groups of a couple. Check out the SQL for updates too.

To develop further you will need to create a relational database of several tables. The Pilcon example is there for you - you have the added advantage of having already done some of the work.