Visual Basic 6.0 Guide

Using This Guide

The explanations and exercises contained in this section are designed to stand as an introduction to programming in Visual Basic 6.0 using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0.

The first 3 tasks are designed to get you programming quickly and to develop some interest and to give you experience of using the development environment. Thereafter, each section focuses on an element of the programming language.

If you have never programmed before, you should work through each of the sections, reading the explanations and completing the tasks.

Getting Old

Visual Basic 6.0 is a little out-of-date now. There have been several version since then (2003, 2005, 2008) that move the language and development tools on. More importantly, the express versions of the last two version are free to download. If you are wanting to work with some exisiting Visual Basic 6.0 source code then you might want to work with this. Perhaps you have Visual Studio on an old computer - in which case, fair enough. Consider C# 2005 or Visual Basic 2005 or the later versions if you are getting started with programming.