Scratch Programming
Denary To Binary Converter


This program is based on the following pseudocode description of the algorithm to convert a denary value into binary.

Set num variable to a denary value to convert
Set binarystring variable to 'null'
Repeat Until num = 0
   Set thisbit to num Mod 2
   If binarystring = 'null then
      Set binarystring to thisbit
      Set binarystring to Join (thisbit, binarystring)
   End If
   Set num to num ÷ 2, rounded down
End Repeat

The Code

Scratch Program

You can download the program too - binary

You can adapt this code to convert to any base between 2 and 9. Just replace the number 2 in the code with the number of the base to which you want to convert.

Challenge: Tidy this code up and add the facility to convert back into denary.