Introduction To HTML

Links create connections between common web resources. The most common links are hyperlinks which connect different web pages with each other.

The following example creates an external (a link to another page or site) link to the search engine Google.

<a href="">Google</a>

When linking to your own pages in the same site you must take care to indicate the exact location of the resource. Study the options below.

<a href="page2.htm">Page 2</a>

Links to a file in the same folder as the first page.
link to same folder
<a href="pages/page2.htm">Page 2</a>

Links to a file in the folder called pages.
link to other folder
<a href="../pages/page2.htm">Page 2</a>

Links from a file in one folder to a file in another folder.
link from folder to folder

Exercise 4

Create a web page which contains at least 6 links to sites on the World Wide Web. All of the sites must be related to HTML authoring. Check that all of your links work in your browser before moving on.

Exercise 5

Create a small site made up of 5 individual pages. Save all of your work in a new folder. Each page should contain links to all of the others. Use the following filenames.