Visual C# Guide
Random Numbers

In C#, we can generate pseudo-random numbers using the Random class. To start, declare a new instance of the Random class in the following way,

Random randomNumber = new Random();

The following statement would make the variable myRandomNumber equal to an integer from 0 to 9,

int myRandomNumber = randomNumber.Next(10);

Another version of the Next method allows you to specify a range for your number. The following will generate a number from 0 to 9. The first number is the lowest value, the second number is one more than the highest,

int myRandomNumber = randomNumber.Next(0, 10);

There is also the NextDouble() method. It returns a double greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1.0.

double myRandomNumber = randomNumber.NextDouble();

Having A Go

  1. Use the explanation above to generate 6 lottery numbers. Your program may generate duplicates but you can skip ahead in the guide to work out how to avoid this.
  2. Write a program to simulate the rolling of 2 dice.