XNA Game Studio 2.0


This section is a very basic introduction to using XNA Game Studio to develop for the Xbox360. This guide focuses on making simple Windows games so that you won't need an Xbox360 to get going.

Games development is a specialised area of programming. This is the tip of the iceberg and you will get the most out of this section if you have done plenty of C# programming. Completing the tasks in both of the relevant sections of this site would be helpful in that respect - links on the right.

Software Requirements

The programs in this section use XNA Game Studo 2.0. You need to download and install Visual C# 2005 Express to start with. Then install Service Pack 1 for Visual C# 2005. Then you install XNA Game Studio 2.0.

You can get a feel for programming with Xbox360 controllers if you download the driver for this from the Microsoft site - where all the other stuff can be found too. You can use Xbox360 game pads with Windows.