Visual Basic 6.0 Guide
Select Case Statement

You have already used this structure in the Do My Maths exercise. It works in a very similar way to the If structure but is more useful when you have a lot of conditions to examine. The following code will message box the month which corresponds to a number input by the user.

Private Sub cmdWhatMonth_Click()
Dim intMonth As Integer
intMonth = txtMonth.Text
Select Case intMonth
Case 1
MsgBox "January"
Case 2
MsgBox "February"
Case 3
MsgBox "March"
{ This carries on up to 12 as you would expect }
Case Else
Msgbox "Enter a number from 1 -12 "
End Select
End Sub

Finish the code and create a working program.

The Case part of this structure works in a similar way to the If statement. It can be written differently though for different situations. Look at the examples below.

Case 0 To 15Tests whether the value is from 0 to 15
Case Is <40Tests whether the value is less than 40
Case 1, 3, 5Tests whether the value is 1, 3 or 5