Multiwingspan Programming


The programming guides are a bundle of notes, references, tutorials and self-study materials. Older guides are included here in case they are needed.

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New To Programming?

If it's the idea of making your own games that makes you want to program, start with the Game Maker tutorials. It's not quite programming in the sense that you move icons around rather than write out statements, but it gets you used to thinking about the sequence of things that have to happen for your program or game to work. Scratch is a good place to start if you like the idea of programming but are finding it hard to get your head around.

Visual Basic is as good a place to start as anywhere. Be patient and work through all of the console programs before working with the Windows applications.

Learning to program is not, in itself, a difficult task. You will need to learn to be patient, use a range of references and be prepared to spend a lot of time getting things right.

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