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Rubik's Cube (3x3x3) Reviews

Prices for these items are around £5-10.

Rubik's Cube Official - Drummond Park

This is the main retail version of the cube in the UK. It is fairly robust and won't fall apart on you. It's fine for learning how to solve the cube.

This puzzle isn't made for speedcubing. The centre caps can only be removed with a knife so it isn't easy (or worth) getting to the screws to adjust the tension. The cubies are quite heavy and the puzzle is generally too stiff to turn quickly.

Rubik's Studio Cube

These are official Rubik's Cubes made in Hungary in a factory under the control of the puzzle's inventor. They are higher in quality than the main retail cubes but still don't give you access to the screws. Other than the overall feel of the cube, I don't see a huge difference between this and the one you get in the toy shops.

Rubik's Speed Cube (Japanese)

Although the idea sounds good, the actual puzzle is a bit of a disaster. I can't manage to adjust it into any state that allows any kind of comfortable turning at any speed. This one doesn't work for me at all.

Rubik's DIY Cube

These cubes are for sale on the Rubik's official site. This was by far the best of the Rubik's branded cubes that I have tried. Being able to adjust the puzzle helpds to get the most out of it. I aslo find that the plastic is better quality and makes for a much smoother puzzle.

I still find that the shape of the cubies means there isn't much forgiveness when turning corners and the puzzle locks up when I'm trying to do an algorithm quickly.

Type C Speed Cube

There are a few different versions of these puzzles around. You can get all sorts of colours and glow-in-the-dark versions. This is a quick-turning, reliable speed cube with a good reputation. The cubes are fully adjustable and don't need to be worn in at all.

Baby Type-C Cube

These are about the size of an Eastsheen 2x2x2. They are superb qualilty and turn very quickly. They are a little small for most people.

Puzl Speed Cube

These are very nice cubes. They turn quickly and have good quality stickers. This is one of the few UK-based supppliers that do speed cubes and they are good cubes for speedcubing.

For a long time, these were my preferred speedcubes. I did get a few pops here and there and had to use a bit of glue to keep the centre caps from dropping off.

Cube4You Transparent Glow-In-The-Dark

This is a smooth cube. Bear in mind that there is little to be gained from having a cube that glows in the dark. It feels a little chunky although the cubies slip against each other nicely when you solve the puzzle at speed.

Diansheng Mini Cube

The Diansheng mini cube tends to come in white with colours painted on the cube on the older versions. It's surprisingly good quality and can be solved very quickly. It turns corners very well and generally makes you wish it were larger.

Diansheng 3x3x3 Cube

If you try the mini version of this, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was worth looking for and buying the full size version. It's a crying shame but the larger version is nowhere near as smooth and quick as the mini one.

Haiyan World Record Cube (Type A)

This is the newest of the Type A family of cubes. The puzzle is named after the current blindfold world record holder (around 30 seconds including memorisation time) who is one of its designers and part owner of the Type A company.

This puzzle sounds a little scratchy but turns out to be a very reliable, almost unpoppable cube. It turns corners at astonishing angles - far more than any other cube I've tried and is quite light to hold. It is the quickest, most reliable cube I have tried and my preferred cube for speedsolving.

Type F I Cube

Type F cubes have the caps on the outside of the cubies rather than the inside. This means that the surfaces of the plastic that rub against one another are smoother. The puzzle weighs very little at all - like you aren't holding anything and is very quick - probably my second favourite after the Haiyan. It has had mixed reviews from what I can tell and concern has been expressed over the reliability of the core. There is a version II in which these problems are supposed to have been addressed.